We've worked in the interior design industry for a long time and we like to think we know it rather well...

With a rich heritage in interiors and interior design, Houseology is a groundbreaking and award-winning concept from a team of professional designers.

Houseology’s roots stretch back to early 2003 when founder and CEO, Kate Mooney, established a design practice with her business partner, Wendy Clark. After a number of years in a variety of design roles, Kate decided to start a new design studio focused on designing and delivering exciting new hotel concepts for some of the best known hotel brands across the world. What started as a small studio with four designers in 2003, grew to a global studio with offices in Glasgow and Dubai and a team of 15 in 2008, working with global hotel groups on new and exciting concepts and designs.

With a mix of architects, interior, furniture and graphic designers, the work of Kate and the team has resulted in a unique understanding of form, function, style and aesthetics across many different types of interiors and cultures, opening up a world of beautiful products and sourcing opportunities.

However, the team found that the world of interior design could be daunting for those outside the industry, and that clients were often nervous about choosing products and putting together their homes or hotels. Many also felt frustrated when they didn’t know where to find new and unusual products. Increasingly, the designers worked with clients to demystify the process, making it enjoyable and encouraging them to be more confident about including their personal style and making their own design decisions.

Kate identified that there was a gap in the market for this level of service and expertise to be available to everyone and this is where the initial concept for the first website started in 2010. The vision was for an online emporium of beautiful interior products backed with tools, guidance, advice and inspiration that could empower every customer to become their own interior designer and begin to confidently choose products and to transform their home.

Evolving from the design studio meant that the original website was powered from the start by a team of talented, interior designers - designers that Kate persuaded to become e-commerce experts, creating something that immediately set it apart from other websites. 

With its significant experience, our team also knew the challenges that many independent interior designers were faced with when working on their own projects - specifically around sourcing and logistics - and we knew how to them solve them. As more and more professional designers also started to use the website, Kate’s husband, Jim Mooney, with his years of experience in corporate sales, joined the team.

Throughout 2011, the website and sales grew rapidly and so did the team behind it. By 2012 our original design team were joined by customer service and logistics specialists, digital marketers, software engineers and webmasters.

2013 marked a pivotal year for the business, with a Series A investment round successfully closing in October 2013 followed by the completion of Series B in 2014. This signalled the start of the next stage in our development and the team grew further to include a talented content team, a specialist buying team - and even more marketers!

The well-established Board and Advisory Panel also continued to grow to include a variety of highly experienced and knowledgeable retailers and investors. These include former Tesco CEO, Sir Terry Leahy, Chairman, Bob Willet, and former John Lewis Strategy and Merchandising Director, Jill Little - who joined early stage investors, The William Currie Group, and entrepreneur, Bill Dobbie.

This combination of the worlds of design, retail, e-commerce and technology, along with our concept of empowering customers to unlock their inner designers, is what makes this a truly unique retail destination.

The website offers fresh new content daily and over 500 new items each month and has pioneered an exciting, new way of bringing professional styling into the home. With a passionate team of over 45 Houseologists in 2015, our aim has always been to bring a unique insight of the world of interiors and beautiful products to customers.

The company has gone from strength to strength, doubling in size each year and developing a global customer base, but we haven’t lost sight of our quest to always stay fresh, new and unique and above all, offer outstanding customer service.

So in 2014, reflecting our passion for originality and technological innovation, we made the bold decision to shake up our offering to deliver some of the exciting new concepts and ideas we’d been working on. We’re bringing a completely fresh approach to what we do for our customers and community and how we do it.

In May 2015, our exciting announcement about this exciting new phase in our development and our evolution into the new Houseology brand coincided with our move to our fabulous new 7,000 square foot converted mill studio on the canal side. May 2015 also saw the launch of the striking new Houseology website, built to mirror our customers’ and community’s needs, as well as reflecting the character and personality of our diverse and talented team that powers it.

Same business, same (growing!) team, but now with a bold new name and outlook that reflects the company’s unparalleled knowledge and passion for our customers and community.

Our new name, Houseology, playfully suggests the study or ‘science’ of the home. It captures a new level of global interior design expertise, which borders on the obsessive - exactly what Kate’s team of Houseologists have been carefully cultivating for more than 20 years and want to share with everyone.

The transformation to Houseology.com is just the first step in our ongoing journey to ensure we continue to be relevant, fresh and inspiring. Our unique design heritage means that we have deep links and strong relationships with all our suppliers and we’ve built the innovative Houseology concept as a place for our customers to discover an exclusive curation of beautiful designer branded furniture, lighting and accessories. More than this, Houseology is also an emporium where everyone can be inspired and excited by lifestyle looks, how to guides, dynamic content, interviews, videos, innovative design tools and much more.

Our Houseology Masterclass concept is a groundbreaking area of the site that sets Houseology apart from the many other interiors sites and it’s a tool that will fulfil the founding purpose of the company – to empower customers to unlock their inner designers and search for the extraordinary.