Georg Jensen Cobra Oval Serving Dish


Product Code: GJ0027


Sculptural white porcelain serving dish from George Jensen.

Invite the minimalist fluidity of the Georg Jensen Cobra Oval Serving Dish into the heart of your serveware collection.

Exquisitely designed by Constantin Wortmann, this unique luxury serving dish features a crisp white aesthetic, sculpted from a unique blend of glass and porcelain.

Sturdy and perfect for everyday use, Cobra is a refreshing alternative to perfectly round serving dishes as it features a playful asymmetrical edge.

Bringing a new dimension to traditional white crockery, complement the aesthetic with other serveware additions from the Georg Jensen collection to create a contemporary and completely unique table setting.

Please note: Hand sculpted by skilled artisans, each dish is unique with no two exactly the same.

This porcelain serving dish is dishwasher, microwave and freezer-to-oven safe.