Garden Trading Hambledon Butlers Tray Large


Product Code: GT0280


Large raw oak butlers tray table with folding cross-leg base.

If you're searching for an interior multi-tasker, the Garden Trading Hambledon Butlers Tray Large is just for you.

Inspired by the Garden Trading Hambledon butlers tray collection, this super-sized version features a 1 metre wide removable butlers tray with hollow handles.

Complete with fully detachable folding legs, this raw oak butlers tray can be used for stylish serving and entertaining at your next soiree or as a more permanent console table addition for the home.

Complement with designer furniture and neatly placed home decor accessories from the Garden Trading collection to complete your aesthetic in style.

Please note: Kiln-dried from sustainable wood with a natural lacquer finish, this product is handmade to order, each product is unique every time with no two exactly alike making this a bespoke furniture piece for the heart of your home interior space.