Garden Igloo 360 Dome With Clear PVC Winter Canopy


Product Code: GI0001


Add a cover to your Garden Igloo?

Add a cover to your Garden Igloo?
  • Protective light beige igloo cover.
  • Acrylic Coated Polyester weather proof cover.
  • Enjoy your al fresco igloo all year round.

Multi-purpose transparent garden dome designed for all seasons.

This stylish clear geodesic dome is designed as a winter garden or summer canopy, making it ideal for year round outdoor living.

Easy to construct without tools, each dome is wind-proof, waterproof and maintenance free, and has a practical slide fit system which means no screws are required for assembly.

Create a comfortable outdoor living space for your hobby or lifestyle, whether its for use as a greenhouse, play area for children, garden storage, garden shed, or simply relaxing, the Garden Igloo is the perfect solution.

During late spring/summer months it is recommended that the window vents are opened or the clear winter cover is removed as the interior of the Garden igloo can reach high air temperatures which may not be suitable for pets or plants.

Each dome features 2 window vents, an entrance size of 1.8m x 0.7m and a white frame structure.

Assembly time (2 person) approx: 60mins

Please note it is highly recommended you fix your igloo to the ground. 

Each dome set contains:

1 x standard white frame (PVC struts, PA6 joints)

1 x Winter Garden Cover (PVC Transparent)

1 x Anchorage Kit (10 x Clamps - Poles)

1 x User Guide & Instruction Manual

Beige summer canopy cover sold separately.