Flos Pochette Chrome




Product Code: FL3404


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Flos chrome wall lamp providing indirect light. Each wall lamp has a fabulous sculptural quality and is made from pressure die-cast zamak alloy structure with shiny polished chrome finish.

Molded steel, galvanized white wall attachment contains the wall fixing system as well as the electrical devices.

Pochette has a single dimmable light source in the traditional recessed series.

This piece will make a fantastic addition to the stairways, hallway or dining room of the property. The Pochette wall lamp is available in various models and finishes.

Maintain consistency by grouping one type together throughout the scheme.

From Flos and designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, give this timeless and illustrious lighting solution a space in your home interior.

Pochette & Pochette Up/Down

1 x MAX 160W R7s HDG

230 V

Pochette Up/Down FL

1 x 18W G24q-2 FSQ

220/240 V

Choice of standard uplight or up/down light