Fatboy Lampie-On Deluxe - White/Copper


Product Code: FB0499


Outdoor LED lantern by Fatboy with copper handle and personalised copper décor sleeves.

Adorn your outdoor living space with the Fatboy Lampie-On Deluxe.

Completely wireless, this stylish outdoor LED lamp takes inspiration from antique oil lamps.

Refreshed with a bold Fatboy twist, this contemporary lantern is milk bottle white with a copper hanger hook handle, complete with iconic Fatboy motif and integrated sliding on/off switch.

Great for hanging out with friends or celebrating special occasions, this attractive designer lamp provides a decadent contemporary adornment for pool sides and patios outdoors or entertaining spaces indoors.

Entirely free from uninviting wires, simply hook onto your desired location and enjoy its mesmerising illumination all year round.


• For indoor and outdoor use
• Shines light for up to nine hours
• Charge via plug socket indoors
• Unique on/off sliding button
• 3x fairy tale copper décor sleeves for a personalised style statement

Please note: Although developed for indoor and outdoor use, we recommend sheltering inside during hard winters and adverse weather conditions.