Ethimo Knit Lounge Armchair Rain Cover


Product Code: TH0229


Waterproof rain cover for the Ethimo Knit Lounge Armchair.

Maintain the chic aesthetic of your Ethimo armchair with the Ethimo Knit Lounge Armchair Rain Cover.

Reliable and functional, this innovatively designed rain cover is made from a reliable polyester and PVC blend which makes the cover 100% waterproof.

Also designed to be resistant to UV rays and adverse weather conditions, each seam is carefully sealed with a protective waterproof membrane to stop the elements from causing damage to your luxury armchair below.

Designed exclusively for the Ethimo Knit Lounge Armchair, the look is complete with mould-prevention ventilation air intakes and an adjustable drawstring to make opening and closing easy.

Please note: Price is for rain cover only. Ethimo Knit Lounge Armchair is sold separately here.