Eichholtz Maharaja Wine Cooler


Product Code: EI7206


Vintage brass finish wine cooler with Elephant handles.

Invite the old world eclecticism of the Houseology Maharaja Wine Cooler into your dining setting.

Translating as the Indian word for prince, Maharaja features a hand sculpted stainless steel construction with two intricate elephant handles and exquisite vintage brass finish.

Recognised universally as a symbol of intellect and wisdom, the Indian elephant's depicted represent the Hindu god Ganesh who is worshipped as the 'Lord of Good Fortune' and 'Remover of Obstacles' - both spiritual and material alike.

Designed to hold up to two bottles of wine, fill with ice to create a fantastic focal point at your next stylish soiree.

Impress discerning dinner guests with other serveware from the Houseology Eichholtz collection.

Approximate net product weight: 2kg

Please note: Hand sculpted by skilled artisans, each product is unique with no two exactly alike making this a bespoke centrepiece for the heart of your serveware collection.