Eichholtz Bari Crystal Obelisk - Large


Product Code: EI5940


Striking ornamental designer crystal obelisk.

Inspired by Ancient Egyptian architecture, the shape of the obelisk crystal is a tall narrow four sided stone.

Egyptians placed the obelisk at the entrance of temples and believed this symbolised the sun god 'Ra', harnessing positive energy and protection.

A contemporary twist on the traditional structure, this exquisite ornamental accessory is split into two parts, suspended as if floating in the air by subtle crystal spheres.

Watch in wonder as the sunlight beams through this mystical crystal, glistening natural light around your interior.

This beautiful accessory exudes a modern aura of style and will make a refined addition to the hallway console table, lounge or bedroom.

Group together with other luxurious Eichholtz pieces for a timeless look that adds complete designer style.

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