"With stunning collections of elegant furnishings and glamorous accessories, Eichholtz is synonymous with luxurious living and the most sophisticated of interior looks."

We talk classic, iconic style with Eichholtz's head of design, Edwin van der Gun.

Having worked with the brand for many years, Houseology has a rich understanding of the Eichholtz collections and love the quality and originality exuded by this Dutch brand. We were delighted to be able catch up with Head of Design, Edwin van der Gun, to talk about the company’s inspirational aesthetic….

The interview Edwin ver der Gun - Eichholtz

Q: Where do you think your passion for design comes from?
A: It comes naturally for me. Even at an early age, when I entered a room or store, I was always thinking, ‘How could this look better or more grand?

Q: Did you always want to work in design?
A: The passion was always there for me and whether I’m travelling to exotic destinations or just in everyday life, inspiration is everywhere.

Q: Eichholtz designs come from all over the world, what is it that you love about designs from different countries?
A: It’s all about the mix. I love to mix and match; something simple next to something extravagant always works. Something Chinese next to something with a Louis XV style can look amazing and so can something contemporary paired with something ancient.

The interview Edwin ver der Gun - Eichholtz

Q: Where would you say is the design capital?
A: I’d have to say Paris; strolling the streets and looking at the beautiful stores provides endless inspiration.

Q: How would you describe the look and feel of Eichholtz furniture and accessories?
A: They are rich, decorative and comfortable yet glamorous.

Eichholtz Cable Dinner Set

Q: Where do you think your inspirations come from?
A: This can come from the tiniest thing such as a belt buckle, a beautifully packaged perfume bottle or a colour. A simple but beautiful detail can become an entire collection.

Q: Do you have favourite pieces from the Eichholtz collection?
A: Currently I am obsessed with quite a few pieces. I love to use the Randall Club Chair and I also use a lot of trollies and bar carts as they give an instant chic feel to any interior when well stocked! The Demoiselle Lamp is awesome too.

Q: What do you think makes a good design?
A: This is different for everybody but for me personally, I have to be attracted to it. If I don’t like something visually, I won’t use it.

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Q: What do you love to use when you are decorating a room?
A: I love reds, corals and bright pinks at the moment. I also love leaf and palm printed fabrics, especially with a white base and colour underneath. I also always use a beautiful rug, it gives any room such a luxurious feel and touch.

Q: What does Eichholtz love about working with Houseology?
A: The versatility and endless inspiration. When you are out of ideas or don’t know how to begin, a glance at the Houseology website will give you enough inspiration.