Design House Stockholm Form Pendant - Cone


Product Code: DE0026


The Cone Form pendant is from a family of three blown glass formed lamps which borrow from the timeless world of the industrial light bulb era. With white opal mouth blown glass shade in a retro cone shape, it comes complete with grey plastic fitting and silicone cord.

Lamps are like people, they are happiest in families, and the Form Pendants from design group Form Us With Love are a collection of glass lamps that are stronger as a group. They consist of three blown glass forms borrowed from the timeless world of the light bulb with industrial style shades and globes refined to a beautiful abstraction in white with a spatial sensation.

The idea is that you should find your own combinations of lamps at work, or at home above the dinner table. Functionally amusing and beautiful these lamps work well or together, pair with the Form tube and round pendants.

With very modest means and simple forms, Form Pendants can make a big difference to any interior. There is an almost infinite number of possible combinations.

Recommended GU 10, 35W. GU 10 halogen bulb included.