Deknudt Decora Oxide Rectangular Unframed Mirror


Product Code: DK1069


Decorative mirror with oxidised damask decoration.

The Deknudt Decora Oxide Rectangular Mirror will create a dynamic focal point in your interior design scheme.

Uniquely crafted using innovative production processes, Deknudt have created an astounding contemporary mirror with a antique expression.

Reinventing damask decoration for modern interiors, Oxide plays with contrasts, mimicking the embellishments of damask textiles and recreating a mirror full of transparent decorative holes.

A unique overlay, the design still allows the plain rectangular sheet of glass to ascend to the fore an can still function as a reflective viewing mirror.

Commanding attention while still exuding an ethereal ambience, the mirror itself is 5mm thick, made to last for generations to come.

Please note: This mirror is designed to hang in a vertical position.

Aesthetic: Each mirror is produced bespoke with no two exactly alike making this a personalised style statement for the heart of your design scheme.

Weight: 24 kg (approx.)

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