Careful Consideration and Planning are key... advice from The UKs Premier Online Interior Design Store

Buying furniture and bulky items is always a tricky business. If you need to return a big product because it doesn’t fit it is undoubtedly inconvenient, disappointing, expensive and really not that great for the environment!

Our product spec page clearly outlines the dimensions of each product by length [the longest side], depth [the depth or width of the product] and height [the height the product reaches from floor level] We also make seat heights clearly visible so that you can judge whether a dining chair fits with your table.

To minimise your risk of being disappointed and having to return an item, we’ve done all the thinking for you – use this simple check list when selecting a product and you shouldn’t go wrong:


Enlarge, zoom and look closely at all available images. You might find you like one angle of a product but don’t like another.


Please read the description carefully; there might be some important information as to the quality, material or even purpose of the item, for example, a coffee cup might be an espresso-sized cup and not a standard mug size – just be sure!


If you need to match the colour to something you already own - please contact us to see whether a sample is available.


Check all dimensions carefully. This may sound obvious but you’d be surprised by the number of customers who return items saying it looked bigger in the picture or it doesn’t fit on the shelf! This is especially relevant when buying furniture – a favourite tip of ours is to mark the dimensions on your floor with masking tape or cut out newspaper to the size of the piece and stand back and check it works.


Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the furniture you order can be delivered into your property and that there is safe and reasonable access from the main roads to your front door. If our couriers consider that the access is unsafe they just won’t deliver the goods until safe access is provided. If necessary, please provide any required parking permits in advance of the delivery.

Other Things To Consider...

We want you to be delighted with your orders from Houseology, subsequently, we strongly advise that before you order any of our products you have also  checked the following:

  • compatibility with all your other furnishings
  • fitness for purpose
  • that all your dimensions are correct
  • that you are satisfied that the fabric / finish is correct for you
  • that the delivery address can receive the product - please be absolutely sure of access in and around your home.
  • Check dimensions, make sure it fits though all doorways, stairwells and any other access routes necessary

If you need further advice or have any other questions about a product, email us at or call +44 [0]330 363 0330