Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine 45cl Set of 6

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Set of six wine glasses with refined stem from Chef & Sommelier.

Create the perfect backdrop for stylish entertaining with the Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine 45cl Set of 6.

Mouth blown by the experts at Chef & Sommelier, this tall stemmed wine glass collection is perfect for adding height to your existing table setting.

Perfectly balanced and polished, each glass is created to enhance the aeration process and experience of enjoying fine wine.

Features include:

• Perfectly Balanced Bowl - Maximises aeration for optimised wine tasting.
• Tall Refined Stem - Mouth blown for a seamless design and comfortable handle.
• Comfortable Rim - Laser cut 1.2mm drinking rim, perfectly balanced to allow wine to swirl.
• Ultra-Resistant - Glass is extra shock resistant and lab tested to retain lustre and resist breakage.
• Transparency - Sheer aesthetic so the colour of wine is fully appreciated.
• Flat Foot - Promotes stability making pouring at table easy.
• Large Surface Area - Enhances oxygenation, allowing wine to breathe.
• Taste - Great for appreciating both red and white wines.
• Solidity - Strong bonds join stems and bowls resulting in a smooth, high-resistance surface with no weak points.

Set includes 6x wine glasses

Capacity 45cl