Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine 35cl Set of 6



Product Code: CF0047

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Set of six slender stemmed wine glasses from Chef & Sommelier.

Indulge your table setting with the relaxed elegance of the Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine 35cl Set of 6.

Meticulously mouth blown by the experts at Chef & Sommelier, this luxury tall stemmed wine glass collection provides the perfect accompaniment for your style-conscious table setting.

Flawlessly formed, each luxury wine glass is specifically created to enhance the aeration process, taste and aromas of red or white wines.

Features include:

• Perfectly Balanced Bowl - Allows for maximised aeration for optimised fine wine tasting.
• Tall Refined Stem - Seamless, unified design for comfortable handle every time.
• Ultra-Resistant - Lab tested resists breakages and promotes a lasting lustre wash after wash.
• Comfortable Rim - 1.2mm laser cut drinking rim offering perfect balance to allow wine to swirl.
• Transparency - Clear aesthetic allows the colour of wine inside to be fully expressed.
• Flat Foot - Ensures stability for serving straight to glass at the table.
• Large Surface Area - Accelerates oxygenation, allowing wine to breathe.
• Taste - Ideal for enjoying both red and white wines.
• Solidity - Stems and bowls are joined seamlessly by a high-resistance exterior with no weak points.

Set includes 6x wine glasses

Capacity 35cl