Chef & Sommelier Sublym Flute 21cl Set of 6



Product Code: CF0049


Set of six refined champagne flutes by Chef & Sommelier.

Crack open another bottle of bubbly in style with the Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine 21cl Set of 6.

Tall, slender with a laser cut drinking rim, this extra-special set of luxury champagne flutes offer the perfect backdrop for celebrating in style.

Mouth blown by the experts at Chef & Sommelier, the collection’s angles, curves and finesse create a glass architecture that is specifically developed to enhance your experience of enjoying champagne and sparkling refreshments.

Features include:

• Comfortable Rim - 1.2mm laser cut drinking rim offering perfect balance to allow wine to swirl.
• Encourages Oxygenation - Sublym heightens concentration while attenuating the aromas of champagne.
• Taste Optimisation - The base has been created to release bubbles while the tapered top promotes an enhanced taste and essence.
• Perfectly Balanced Bowl - Allows optimum surface area and creates a visual impact as bubbles rise slowly to the top.
• Evenly Blown - Designed to endure with a resistant surface, solid design with strong bonds and no weaknesses.
• Unique Shape - Focuses the fullest flavour of contents to the middle of the glass as indented shape creates a natural gauge for easy pouring.
• Elongated Stem - Accentuates the elegance of the glass ensuring the perfect handle every time.
• Flat Foot - Super-stable the base allows easy pouring from bottle to glass at the table.
• Unrivalled Sparkle – Each glass is lab tested to withstand repeated washing.
• Transparency – Clear aesthetic allows a lovely looking glass to gaze upon the natural streams of champagne bubbles.

Set includes 6x champagne flute glasses

Capacity 21cl