Chef & Sommelier Reveal Up Stemmed Flute Glass 21cl Set of 6

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Set of 6 luxury champagne flutes from Chef & Sommelier.

Celebrate in style this season with the Chef & Sommelier Reveal Up Stemmed Flute Glass 21cl Set of 6.

The perfect accompaniment for celebratory bubbly, this set of six luxury champagne flutes have been created by the fine glassware experts at Chef & Sommelier.

Connoisseur Credentials:

Touch - Completely balanced drinking rim makes this glass comfortable with every sip.
Sight - The angles, curves, finesse and stem design creates a perfectly balanced glass architecture.
Smell - Encouraging oxygenation, the glass stimulates concentration while accentuating the aromas of champagne.
Taste - The base has been created to release bubbles while the tapered top promotes an enhanced taste and essence.

Design Features:

Deep Bowl - Allows optimum surface area creating a visual impact as bubbles rise slowly to the top.
Evenly Blown - Creating a flawless transition between bowl and stem.
Unique Shape - Focuses the fullest flavour of contents to the middle of the glass as indented shape provides a natural gauge for easy pouring.
Elongated Stem - Accentuates the elegance of the glass offering the perfect handle.
Flat Foot - Makes pouring easy, provides a stable surface with minimal drips or spills.

Tried and Tested:

Unrivalled Sparkle - Tested to withstand repeated washing and maintain its luxurious lustre.
Transparency - Clear exterior aesthetic to appreciate the natural streams of champagne bubbles.
Solidity - Made to last with a resistant surface, symmetrical design with strong bonds and no weaknesses.

Set includes 6x champagne flutes

Capacity 21cl