Chef & Sommelier Reveal Up Intense Old Fashioned Goblet 40cl Set of 6


Product Code: CF0044


Set of 6 traditional goblet luxury tumblers from Chef & Sommelier.

Enjoy another sip of wine or whisky in style with the Chef & Sommelier Reveal Up Intense Old Fashioned Goblet 40cl Set of 6.

Sure to impress your dinner party guests, this set of six stylish goblets have been passionately created by the fine wine experts at Chef & Sommelier.

Connoisseur Credentials:

Touch – Completely balanced drinking rim makes this glass comfortable with every sip.
Sight - Flawless glass architecture brings stylish elegance to table tops.
Smell - Encouraging oxygenation, promotes optimised concentration while accentuating the aromas of spirits and wine.
Taste – Ideal for serving red wines, spirits, table water and unique desserts.

Design Features:

Stackable - Enables optimised storage, great space-saver.
Chimney - Tempers the perception of alcohol and acidity.
Wide Oxygenation Surface - Releases the expressive qualities of warm and tannic wines.
Discreet Measuring Gauge - Serving made easy, great for pouring at the table.
Cooling Base - Can also be used to serve rose or white wine with cooling gel inside base.*

Tried and tested:

Unrivalled Sparkle - Lab tested to withstand repeated washing while retaining sparkling lustre.
Transparency - Clear exterior to appreciate the colour of alcohol inside.
Solidity - High resistance surface with no weakness points.

Wine Recommendations:

White Wine - Cabernets
Red Wine - Carignan, Gamay, Grenache, Malbec, Mourverdre, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Syrah, Tempranillo, Zinfandel

*Gel Activation: The gel is fully operational after storing for 4 hours in freezer at -18°C.

Set includes 6x goblets.