Chef & Sommelier Open Up Tannic Goblet 55cl Set Of 6


Product Code: CF0021


Luxury Chef & Sommelier red wine goblet for young wines.

Channel designer elegance into your table setting the Open Up Tannic Goblet glass.

The glass from Chef & Sommelier features an angled bowl body that allows the wine's flavour to develop within it. These angles break up the molecules upon swirling the wine and also provide an indication of the correct level of wine the glass should hold at any one time.

Made from enduring kwarx, the sizeable oxygenation space combined with the closed rims allow a greater concentration of flavours to grow.

The glass comes in a set of six and can be used to serve wine to guests at a dinner party, enjoy wine over a romantic meal or even just pouring a glass of wine at the end of the week. 

Chef & Sommelier offer full collections of glasses fitting of a place in the world's finest restaurants. This is a renowned brand that is the epitome of the tradition and proficiency shown to dining in France.

The collections are designed to inspire and offer a new perspective on the dining experience through the elegance and adaptable nature of the products.

Recommended for red wine and suitable for tasting all types of young wine 1-3 years old.

Capacity 55cl