Chef & Sommelier Open Up Soft Goblet 47cl Set Of 6

Retail Price: £36.50

Special Price £29.00

Product Code: CF0020


Set of 6 wine glasses for wine connoisseurs.

This glass set from Chef & Sommelier is part of the Open Up range with a  contemporary and revolutionary design.

It provides wine drinkers with an incomparable tasting experience, and is suitable for all types of young wine (‘young wine’ can be defined as 1-3 years for white wine and 1-5 years for red). 

Each wine glass is made from Kwarx, a new technology based material and the the large oxygenation area and closed rims facilitate the concentration of flavours. 

The angled bowl of the glass allows an exceptional development of a wine’s flavour. 

When wine is poured and the glass filled up to the angle the wine can be gently swirled around and its molecules break up once in contact with the sides of the glass, which enables a young wine to fully release its flavour.

The angle also acts as an aid to ensure you pour exactly the right amount of wine into a glass.