Chef & Sommelier Open Up Hi-Ball Tumbler 35cl Set Of 6


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Product Code: CF0023


Make an elegant addition with the Open Up Hi-Ball tumbler.

The glass from Chef & Sommelier features a curved body with smooth edges as well as stylish indent angles finished on a sturdy base. The angles of the glass allow the contents to release molecules that concentrate the flavour of the drink on the middle of the glass, while the rounded inward body focuses the aroma of the contents.

The sizeable oxygenation space combined with the closed rims allow a greater concentration of flavours to develop in the glass.

The Open Up Hi-Ball tumbler is one of a lavish array of products from the 'Open Up' family of glasses and comes in a set of six. Channelling complete elegance and sophistication, the glass is small in size but grand in stature.

Chef & Sommelier offer full collections of glasses fitting of a place in the world's finest restaurants. This is a renowned brand that is the epitome of the tradition and proficiency shown to dining in France.

The collections are designed to inspire and offer a new perspective on the dining experience through the elegance and adaptable nature of the products.