Chef & Sommelier Open Up Effervescent Flute 20cl Set Of 6


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Product Code: CF0024


Celebrate with the Open Up Effervescent Flute. From Chef & Sommelier, every bit of this flute plays a part in delivering the optimum glass of champagne.

The base has been created to release bubbles while the tapered top allows for the aromas of the contents to be concentrated, providing an enhanced taste and essence. The glass is best filled to the indented angle as the generous surface area allows the contents to breathe.

The unique shape and style of the glass contributes to focusing the fullest flavour of the contents to the middle of the glass, meaning you taste the finest champagne as a direct result of it.

The Open Up Effervescent Flute is one of a lavish array of products from the 'Open Up' family of glasses and comes in a set of six.

Chef & Sommelier offer full collections of glasses fitting of a place in the world's finest restaurants. This is a renowned brand that is the epitome of the tradition and proficiency shown to dining in France.

The collections are designed to inspire and offer a new perspective on the dining experience through the elegance and adaptable nature of the products.