Chef & Sommelier Open Up Arabesque Cut Universal Tasting Wine 40cl Set Of 4


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Product Code: CF0028


Let style in with the Open Up Arabesque Cut Universal Tasting Wine glass.

The glass has an elegant curved body with angles that release molecules to focus the scent and flavour of the wine. The angles also highlight where wine should be poured to in order for maximum effect to breathe

The sizeable oxygenation space combined with the closed rims allow a greater concentration of flavours to develop in the glass.

The piece features a ravishing wave cut that travels around the outer body of the glass.

This is the ideal piece for serving drinks to guests in, sharing a bottle of wine over a romantic dinner with a loved one or simply pouring a glass of wine into at the end of the week.

The Open Up Arabesque Cut Universal Tasting Wine glass is one of a lavish array of products from the 'Open Up' family of glasses and comes in a set of four.

Chef & Sommelier offer full collections of glasses fitting of a place in the world's finest restaurants. This is a renowned brand that is the epitome of the tradition and proficiency shown to dining in France.

The collections are designed to inspire and offer a new perspective on the dining experience through the elegance and adaptable nature of the products.