Boos Blocks Square End Grain Walnut Chopping Blocks


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The Boos Block Square End Grain Walnut Chopping Block will make a fine addition to the cooking accessories in your home. Made from the only dark brown hardwood species found in America, this is a rare prospective addition to your kitchen. With an enchanting rich chocolate brown shade and grain combined with a sturdy and durable surface, and is a quality piece on which to prepare your meals.

Offering a truly individual touch, no two boards are ever the same due to the handcrafted nature of their creation, meaning you get a unique piece that no one else will have anywhere.

The Boos Block Square End Grain Walnut Chopping Block is available in one of three sizes, allowing you to choose the piece best suited to and complementing your kitchen accessories.

Founded by Conrad Boos in 1887, John Boos & Company bring over 125 years of experience to its work. The trusted choice of both culinary professionals and top chefs working in the finest kitchens in leading restaurants throughout the world, Boos Blocks products are reminiscent of the finest cutting boards available and have been made consistently in Effingham, Illinois since the company originated.

With a reputation for delivering the finest products in the field of butcher blocks, cutting boards and food preparation equipment, the quality of John Boos & Company products remains as vital today as it did back in 1887.

Effortlessly combining precision, passion and attention to detail with five generations of experience, a Boos Block cutting board simply deserves a place among your cooking accessories.