Boos Blocks Newton Prep Master III


Product Code: BL0018


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Effortlessly combining sophistication with practical design, the Newton Prep Master from Boos Block represents the wise choice of multi-purpose cooking apparatus from culinary cooking enthusiasts.

The board is reversible, meaning one side can be allocated for meats and fish, while the other can be used for foods such as fruit and veg. Each side offers a smooth work surface, one with a completely flat surface while the other side features a sloped juice groove. This side also holds a removable stainless steel pan in order to hold excess juices exuded from the foods you're preparing.

Sturdy, reliable and offering a hardened surface in which to work, the Newton Prep Master is hand crafted in America, created entirely of renewable and sustainably harvested northern hard rock maple wood. The board is finished with an ergonomic handle that allows you to move he board form one location to another with ease. Give this modern take on cooking accessory design a place in your home for contemporary style in a timeless piece.

Founded by Conrad Boos in 1887, John Boos & Company bring over 125 years of experience to its work. The trusted choice of both culinary professionals and top chefs , Boos Blocks products are reminiscent of the finest cutting boards available and have been made consistently in Effingham, Illinois since the company originated.

With a reputation for delivering the finest products in the field of butcher blocks, cutting boards and food preparation equipment, the quality of John Boos & Company products remains as vital today as it did back in 1887.

Effortlessly combining precision, passion and attention to detail with five generations of experience, a Boos Block cutting board simply deserves a place among your cooking accessories.