Authentic Models Semi-Precious Solitaire Game


Product Code: AU0308


Solitaire game with semi-precious marble stones.

Create a playful style statement in the heart of your interior scheme with the Authentic Models Semi-Precious Solitaire Game.

Reputed to have been invented by a nobleman Bastille prisoner in the early years of the French Revolution, the European game of solitaire is played with 36 marbles.

Sculpted by skilled artisans, this distinctive accessory is adorned with a set of hand cut marbles, shaped and polished with at least 15 different precious stones.

A rounded hardwood hand turned base completes the design, holding all the marbles in place.

The aim of the game? The player jumps marbles over each other into existing spaces with the goal to eliminate all of the marbles from the playing board except one...

Artisan crafted with meticulous care by skilled craftsmen, each item is unique and slight variations in appearance are to be expected and celebrated as no two items are exactly alike.