Authentic Models Royal Barge Oar #4


Product Code: AU0269


Decorative nautical oar by Authentic Models.

Taking inspiration from the nautical oars on a Royal Barge, the Barge Oar #4 designed by Authentic Models is historically influenced and is an artefact still relevant in interior schemes today.

Characterised by its solid wood honey finish and delightful blue and white stripes, this charming oar is part of a series of 5 oars designed to hang decoratively in your interior.

Designed originally for the boathouse, this stylish oar rack looks great displayed in lobby areas, hallways or lounges.

Fixed to either a port or starboard position in your interior, this decorative oar will make a fabulous nautical accessory to create a timeless and vintage style statement.

Artisan crafted with meticulous care by skilled craftsmen, each oar is unique and slight variations in appearance are to be expected and celebrated.

Perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors, the Royal Barge Oar #4 promises to add a timeless stylish edge to your interior and would make a magnificent gift for a special occasion.

Combine with the Authentic Models Royal Barge Rack and the other oars to create a striking nautical statement in your interior space.

Please note this oar is designed for decorative purposes only and not for use in water.

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