Authentic Models Pirate Sky Hook


Product Code: AU0360


Antique sky hook pirate boat display model by Authentic Models.

Whether port or starboard, choose the Authentic Models Pirate Sky Hook to create a captivating interior focal point.

Depicting a parrot and pirate in search for hidden treasure, this unique sky hook offers an instant hit of interior nostalgia for the heart of your home.

Hand sculpted from recycled sheet metal with meticulous attention to detail, this sky hook model is a faithful reproduction of the sky hook models of Britain's Victorian era.

During Victorian times, adults and children alike were amazed by optical illusions and other worldly demonstrations that defied the laws of gravity.

Set in motion, the sky hook is uniquely calibrated to swing to and fro, hand painted with aged patina and waxed detailing to really take the style spotlight.

Explore the Houseology Authentic Models to find the perfect resting place for this eclectic decorative display model.

Please note: Due to the artisan production process and materials used, each item is unique every time with no two exactly alike.

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