Authentic Models Palmist Hand


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Wooden palmist hand model.

Add the final flourishes to your home interior scheme with the Authentic Models Palmist Hand.

The lines and unique contours of the human hand are believed to map our past, present and future.

Seen as one of the 'forbidden arts' of the 15th and 16th century, Palmistry experienced a revival during the 1800s.

This replica hand model was used by practicing palm readers to learn the map of the human hand and features Palmist symbols including the line of light, fortune, head and heart.

Sculpted from birch wood with a natural finish, this wooden hand is based on classic Palmistry and includes moveable, jointed finger tips for a completely authentic aesthetic.

Hold a message between the thumb and finger to create a fine focal point in your home office or study.

Please note: Due to the natural production process and materials used, each item is unique every time with no two exactly alike.