Authentic Models J-Yacht Rainbow 1934


Product Code: AU0200


The J-Yacht Rainbow was the 1934 American defender.

Designed by Starling Burgess and financed by an 18-member syndicate headed by Mike Vanderbilt. A magnificent J-Yacht, with an overall length of nearly 40 m. or 128’ and a sail area of 750 m2 (7535 sq. ft).

A classic racer which is legendary nautical history by now. This faithful replica model is hand made in wood, planks on frame.

Hand tooled scale hardware,with inlaid deck strips which simulate the original teak deck. Detailed rigging and sails create a beautiful contemporary model which is collectable.

Each model is numbered and comes with dated certificate.

Please note Authentic models boats are for home décor and are not suitable for water.