Authentic Models Caddie Cabinet


Product Code: AU0255


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Curious wooden cabinet for golfing enthusiasts.

Taking inspiration from the antique cabinets of the past, the Caddie Cabinet designed by Authentic Models is historically influenced and is still relevant in interior schemes today.

Crafted from a vintage inspired black and dark honey finish, the Caddie Cabinet is a classic piece of furniture perfect to create a vintage style statement in your interior.

An ideal gift for the avid golfer, the caddie is the perfect companion with its solid wood construction, a glass panel to display as many as 56 golf balls and ample storage across four drawers.

Inspired by classic 20th century design, this delightful cabinet is curious and charming in nature and is great for displaying in your home to create a timeless look to be treasured for years to come.

Artisan crafted with meticulous care by skilled craftsmen, each cabinet is unique and slight variations in appearance are to be expected and celebrated as no two items are exactly alike.

Vintage is on-trend and the elegant Authentic Models Caddie Cabinet is perfect for any golf enthusiast, best yet, there's plenty of space at the top for trophies for when you celebrate your next hole in one.