Authentic Models Atlas Globe


Product Code: AU0338


Greek mythology sculptural Atlas globe interior accessory.

A charming alternative to contemporary globes, this antique-inspired addition takes inspiration from history.

Celebrating the age of global discovery, Atlas is a historical cartography globe with distinctive brass detailing in a Greek Renaissance style.

Crafted by hand using a plastic and paper gore technique, the spherical globe features a intricately detailed world map held abundantly in place by a spectacular bronze figure base.

An iconic, symbolic objet d'art, the decorative base depicts Atlas, the Greek God of navigation and astronomy.

According to Greek mythology, during a battle between the Titans and the Olympian gods, Zues condemned Atlas to an eternity of holding the weight of Uranus (the sky) on his shoulders...

Now representing a more contemporary narrative, the design of Atlas holding this Authentic Models globe represents the phrase we know and use today as: 'to hold the weight of the world on one's shoulders.'

Aesthetic Note: Due to the artisan production process and materials used, each globe is distinctively unique every time.