Andrew Martin Monroe Chair


Product Code: AM3384


The chair is the one defining place we look for solace in...whether it's for a place at the dinner table, a place to park yourself when everything is taken care of and nothing else needs your attention or just for settling down for a minute in-between tasks, a chair can be your best friend when you need it most. And with the Andrew Martin Monroe Chair playing your best friend, you can be sure your home is set for an injection of style and character.

This classic design from Andrew Martin comes complete with an upholstered cream and pink striped seat and a basket weave back, making for a beautiful addition for your home.

Give the Monroe Chair from Andrew Martin the place it deserves in your home with it guaranteed to bring unrivalled style appeal and character to the room.

Distinct and unique, the designs from Andrew Martin are inspired by history and travel. With over 30 years’ experience in the design industry, allow a pivotal figure to take your home interior from ordinary to extraordinary.