Ak47 Design Toast Wooden Wood-Burning Outdoor Fire Pit


Product Code: KF0031


Wood burning outdoor fire pit with oxidised steel finish.

Create a convivial focal point to gather your friends from dusk ‘til dawn with the Ak47 Design Toast Fire Pit.

Square in shape, this commanding luxury garden fire pit is the perfect rustic-meets-modern complement for your outdoor living space.

Made from oxidised steel, with a protective steel cover plate, the robust industrial cubed frame houses a central combustion chamber.

The chamber is designed to isolate residual ash from the fire and prevent the escape of residual materials when the elements strike.

Once lit, the top level of the fire pit does not overheat making it a safe place to enjoy the dancing flames outdoors.

A wood-burning fire pit, the frame also includes a statement storage section underneath to store all the firewood required to party into the early hours in style!


Steel cover plate: Included to protect your fire pit from the elements outside.

BBQ Grill Kit compatible: Add the dedicated grill system for outdoor barbecuing (sold separately)

Artisan appearance: Due to the artisan production process and industrial materials used, the frame of each Toast fire pit is distinctively unique every time, with no two exactly alike.

Please note: This is a wood-burning fire pit and requires light assembly by 2 people.

Total Approximate Weight: 170kg

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